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How Does it Work?

Tersus' innovative, environmentally friendly system cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your high-value items, delivering you a cleaner and longer lasting garment.

Cleaning with Tersus is a simple, 4-step process:


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Clean With Tersus

What's the Tersus Difference?

More effective and efficient than water, Tersus' closed-loop cleaning process leverages the most advanced hardware and chemistry solution in the industry. Utilizing recycled LCO2, Tersus delivers a cleaner and longer lasting garment or technical textile.

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Supporting Sustainability

Sustainability is a key focus in every aspect of our business. Cleaning with Tersus keeps your high value gear in like-new condition, extending its life and reducing landfill waste.

Our cleaning technology saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually and reduces emissions by using recycled liquid CO2, making a significant reduction on the negative environmental impact plaguing the textile industry.